World’s Second Largest Wind Farm Inaugurated In Wales

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Für das Offshore-Windkraftwerk Gwynt y Mor lieferte Siemens 160 Windenergieanlagen des Typs SWT-3.6-107. Jede Anlage hat eine Leistung von 3,6 Megawatt und einen Rotordurchmesser von 107 Metern.

 For the offshore wind power plant Siemens supplied 160 SWT-3.6-107 wind turbines each with a capacity of 3.6 megawatts and a rotor diameter of 107 meter.

The world’s second largest wind farm has been brought online in Wales, with the 576 MW Gwynt y Môr offcially inaugurated on Thursday. The Gwynt y Môr wind farm, located eight miles offshore in Liverpool Bay, in North Wales, has a total of 160 wind turbines and generates enough power to supply approximately 400,000 residential homes.

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