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Ethiopia Can Generate a Surprisingly 60,000 MW of Clean Energy

According to a study cited by Corporate Communication Chief Officer with Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo), Misikir Negash, Ethiopia has proven to be a novel source of renewable energy with great potential.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

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The hydroelectric, wind and geothermal resources can be harvested to generate approximately 60,000 MW of electricity. Ethiopia’s potential capacity is unevenly generated from the clean energy sources, as follows: 45,000 MW from hydroelectric power, 10,000 MW from wind and 5,000 MW from geothermal sources.

Ethiopia is currently capable to generate about 2,000 MW, mostly obtained from hydroelectric power and plans to expand it up to 8,000 MW in the next five years.

The state-run news agency, ENA, reported also that a 120MW wind power plan has been set up in Tigray State and similar projects are to begin in Adama, Aysha (located between Dire Dawa and Dewelle), Debreberhan and Mesebo.

Summing up, Ethiopia has set a daring target of expanding the country’s electric coverage from 41% to 75% in the following five 5 years. Moreover, there will be a premiere in the electric sector, as EEPCo will install a 500 kV high-voltage electric cable covering up to 434 km.

One of the key project with positive national, regional and continental impact is GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project).